Hvad er Tvind Klimacenter

(Kommer snart på Dansk)

“The Climate Changes following in the wake of Global Warming are already today causing serious difficulties for people, especially the poor, who all over the globe live in daily dependency on Nature.
It is we who live in the rich part of the world are causing the main part of the problem with our unbridled consumption of goods and energy. We must change our life style to become CO2 free. With our surplus of resources we must lead the way and support the poor in reaching a similar life style, sharing Earth’s resources equally in a sustainable way. This is the challenge we who work with Tvind Climate Center is taking upon ourselves.”


The Schools in Tvind are well on the way to achieve a zero CO2 footprint, by running the windmill, supplying our kitchens with a variety of homegrown, organic vegetables, recycling clothes and other stuff in our Green Shop, saving drinking water and recycling our waste.
By participating in these activities our students and volunteers get real-life experience with this lifestyle. In 2013 our CO2 footprint was around 1/3 of the average in Denmark.

But, we also look beyond our doorstep and support efforts to secure food, energy, homes, water supplies and infra-structures in poor areas.
We support large scale tree planting campaigns spearheaded by Humana People to People, and we support small scale business with solar lamps in Africa.
We give information about Humana’s massive recycling of second hand clothes and what it means to the environment.
We inform visitors of the possibility of becoming Climate Activists through courses at the schools Richmond Vale Academy, in St. Vincent, CICD in England and at One World Centre in Denmark.
We inform visitors about Humana’s extensive projects of installing small and big scale solar panel systems in all countries they are working in.
And finally, if you so wish, we are always ready for long talks to share experience and knowledge of how to make planet Earth fossil free, reducing CO2 levels and consumption to make it possible for all people on Earth to live comfortable lives.

Welcome to Tvind Climate Centre!