Tvindkraft modeller

Emblem2(Kommer snart på Dansk)
Tvind Climate Centre sells materials and spends the surplus supporting people in 3.rd world countries in their efforts to introduce renewable energy, such as getting solar lanterns for homes without electricity.
Until now it has been on a modest scale, supplying lanterns to Amalika Youth Centre, Malawi. They now run it as their own business, making money for the running of the Youth Centre by selling the lanterns.

Next place to support is Frontline Climate Centre in Zimbabwe.

One item we sell is models of Tvindkraft made as wire art. They are produced by Hope Harare, where a group of handicapped people make wire art to make a living. We have 2 models: a big one costing 200 DKK and a small one costing 100 DKK. The wings can turn on both models.

Other stuff you can buy:

Tvindkraft T-shirts:  100 DKK     Gents small, Ladies small (36) and medium (38) 
Tvindkraft Emblems:   30 DKK
 DVD: “Wind Power – A Danish Story”:    100 DKK ( 45 min. featuring approx 10 minutes about Tvindkraft)
 “Windpower – the Danish Way”: 100 DKK (Book of History of modern Wind Power, including Tvindkraft)
To come: Solar Lantern ”Little Sun”: 200 DKK

To order: Call Britta, +45 2329 5673, or send a mail:


Tvindkraft models