From Tvindkraft’s guest book

2001 - 2002

Tack för att vi fick komma och studera er mölla. Vi blev imponerade av att man kan bygga en så mölla med mestendels ideella krafter. Det viktiga är att man har rätt inställning och vilja.
(Vindmøllebygger, Sverige)


Hej! Tak fordi Michelle og mig måtte være med til at bygge den nye frekvensomformer.
(Starreklinte Efterskole)


Vielen Dank für dieser grossartigen Einblick bei der Tvind-Mühle und der Schule.
Wir waren vor 20 Jahren mit viele Bauern hier und haben viel Energie für den Anti-Atom-Kampf mitgenommen.
Jetz machen wir unsere region zu 100% Regenerativ.


Two journalists from Moscow extremely impressed by your hospitality bring a lot of thanks for possibility to look from top of Tvind on Denmark and all world!


Thank you for this impressive experience
The view is magnificent!!!
Quite amazing achievement in fight against nuclear power!
"Cycling for Africa"
(From Tjekkiet og Slovenien)


Thanks a lot for the impressive visit to the TVINDmill!
We could feel the power of the idea that has lead to the lots of existing windfarms in Denmark and Germany. We wish you a good continuation of the operation of the TVINDmill!


Tvind + “my windmill” have always been a great inspiration to me! I was so grateful to introduce them to my husband today! Many thanks for the wonderful history and tour! We are in awe of this triumph of the human spirit!
(Singer, America)


Tvind is a fantastic creation and I say Bravo for all the people who participate in this action, and good luck to the teacher group.




What an accomplishment!
Best of luck with your future endeavours!
(Windmill mechanic, Portland, USA)


This is my 2nd trip here and it is great to see the progress on the converter. It’s also wonderful to see she is still running fine.
(Windmill mechanic, Portland, USA)


I have been working on windmills for over 14 years. I have seen several attempts at personally built windmills. This is the most advanced project I have ever seen. As an industry we are now working on what you have already built. The unity and purpose of your windmill is inspiring. Thank you.
(Windmill producer, Portland, USA)


Man må lade sig imponere af den vilje og gå-på-mod som hele bygningsværket udstråler.
Jeg tager hatten af for det
Held og lykke i fremtiden
(Vindmøllemekaniker, Danmark)


Mange gange tak for rundvisning på Tvind, besøg i møllen, samtaler om gamle dage og om nye også.
Jeg var elev på Tvind 1976-78. Jeg arbejder på Bonus og har således en interesse i vindkraft – og jeg synes stadigvæk at Tvind møllen og energikontoret på Tvindgården har haft en væsentlig betydning for vindkraftindustrien – i hvert fald gav det den argumentationsmæssige basis for den politiske goodwill der var forudsætningen for vindkraftindustrien i 80-90’erne.


Very interesting project – filled with courage, wonderful!
(Windmill mechanic-Holland)


Thank you for showing us what is a very amazing idea and what must be a proud accomplishment.

I am scared of heights.  But this is cool.

Impressed by the size of the millhouse, but also by the educational program for problem children.


asger2Thank you so much for sharing your school with us! It is so very inspirational and encouraging to learn from thoughtful educators. It was wonderful fly up in the windmill. Your work seems to enrich the lives of so many all over the world! Thank you for all that you do.
(North Carolina, USA)


The way in which all the second hand parts have been put together from a lot of different places is incredible. Keep running!
(Windmill mechanic, Wales)


Mange tak for en god oplevelse. En utrolig fantastisk flot mølle -godt gået
(Vindmøllemekaniker, Danmark)


Fin information, stor venlighed og fin mølle. Respekt!!
(Vindmøllemekaniker, Danmark)


A great engineering feat, all the best for the future, we are sending a container of parts.
(Vindmøllemekaniker, Australien)


Totally amazing, good for people of the future and very nice people and coffee.
(Vindmøllemekaniker, Australien)


Tak for fremvisning af møllens indre, samt frekvensomformeren og tak for kaffe og en god snak.
(Vindmøllemekaniker, Danmark)


Thank you so much for your generous hospitality and for sharing your incredible story of accomplishments. It has filled me with inspiration and hope. I look forward to sharing what I have learnt and seen with people at home. Your story and continued innovation will serve as encouragement and light back home.
(Journalist, Canada)


Tak for en dejlig dag og en god frokost
Jeres mølle er fantastisk!!!
Gid alle gjorde som jer!!! Byggende møller!!!
God det må gå jer godt


Very rarely I get emotionally charged like this as I got today, after seeing and reading and knowing about this fantastic work of determination. I could not hold tears from my eyes. May God bless all of you especially the conceptualiser of the project.
I am credited for putting up the first commercial wind farm in India in 1985, about which I was proud. My ego has been smashed today. I am very happy.
(Chairman, Indian Wind Energy Association)


Congratulations – you have established and maintained the pioneering and innovative approach – what are you proposing for your next act?
We are blessed with great weather, great spirits and cooperation. It’s a difficult path, but this cooperation gives us hope. We Americans will work hard to do our part to capture energy only at home, and from the sun.


Very inspiring, very impressive, very touching, very excellent
(Pakistan – government official)


Excellent example of People’s will, participation and team work in spirit of freedom. I am immensely impressed by the continued commitment of people at Tvind and of course thanks for hospitality.


paul-hatAnd history is repeating itself again. Most governments are strongly promoting nuclear again! Especially South Africa, while the monopoly utility Eskom erects three wind turbines in an area with no wind!! Let’s hope we have the same strength to carry the fight for wind to success.
(South Africa)


Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von Engagement für das Entstehen des Windrades.
Es gibt Frieden und Harmonie. Wenn ein Mensch ein Traum Träumt,
bleibt es ein Traum.
Wenn viele Menschen der gleiche Traum traumen, wird es aus Wirklichkeit.
Mit sonnigen Grüssen  


Wie Danmarks erstes Windrat wurd’ gebaut
Haben wir heut’ angeschaut.
Diese Menschen sind wahre Helden
die der Atomkraft sich entgegen stellten
Wurde es nur solche Menschen geben,
hätten wir ein schöneres Leben