The European Solar Price 2008

On December 3rd 2008 the Tvind School was awarded the European Solar Prize for the educational effect the building of the windmill has had.
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"European Solar Prize 2008

You can watch all presentations and read about all the winnners on the Eurosolars website
You can find here the laureates of the European Solar Prizes 2008. The Award Ceremony took place on December 3rd, 2008, in the Berlin office of the KfW Bankengruppe.
Since 1994 EUROSOLAR has been awarding the European Solar Prizes to municipalities, companies, individuals using Renewable Energies, and to organizations who rendered outstanding service to the utilization of Renewable Energy. The European Solar Prizes are awarded by EUROSOLAR in cooperation with KfW Bankengruppe. The winners of the European Solar Prizes are chosen among the applicants for the respective national Solar Prizes.
EUROSOLAR congratulates all winners of the European Solar Prizes 2008."




The European Solar Price 2008

On December 3rd 2008 the Tvind Schools received the Euroean Solar Prize. Here you can download EUROSOLAR’s presentation estimate of the project:



Category: Education
Tvind School / Denmark
Project A cutting-edge wind turbine as educational project


solpokalenDuring the years of the oil crisis in the 1970’s, when future energy supply was discussed, the Danish Tvind School set out to build a 2 MW wind turbine, in the year 1975. Students and volunteers from numerous countries came to Tvind, in order to help Tvind School teachers and pupils mount the “Tvindkraft” (wind power) turbine. In 1978, after three years of construction, it was put into operation.

This project sought to demonstrate that wind energy is an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Moreover, the idea was to supply the Tvind School with cheap, clean as well as renewable energy by means of the wind turbine. The success of the self-financed and self-developed construction then led to a debate about the use of nuclear energy in Denmark.

At that time, “Tvindkraft” was the world’s biggest wind turbine. It is still in operation, with all the original parts, except for the wings and wing bearings, which had to be replaced. Various experts had an advisory function during the installation of the wind turbine but primarily, it was a self-developed construction. Thus, building the wind turbine was not only a valuable experience but participants also benefited from an important learning effect.

Only because of the innovative and courageous work of the Tvind School was it possible to realise the “Tvindkraft” turbine: a groundbreaking project in Denmark’s wind energy sector.


Congratulations to the Tvind School, Winner of the European Solar Prize 2008.

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