40 Years Anniversary

Tvindkraft celebrating 40 years anniversary


On May 30th, 2015 we were assembled 300 people in the sportshall in Tvind to celebrate the 40th anniversary for cutting the first sod for Tvindkraft.
Many different people contributed to making this arrangement an unforgettable day: The Schools in Tvind took care of decorating the hall beautifully, of lovely refreshments and excellent hosting. The program paid full tribute to Tvindkraft. The speakers were lively and inspiring and captured our full attention.  The many different people, who all came because Tvindkraft means something special to them, were an attentive audience. The wind was blowing and Tvindkraft was spinning, making electricity and heat for it all.


When we finished by ceremoniously cutting the first sod in a huge cake with a model of Tvindkraft made by students and teachers, we felt the wingbeat of history.
When the teachers in Tvind decided to build Tvindkraft, they did so to get their own energy supply in the wake of the oil crisis, where monopolization had shown what it meant to common people not to have the power over their own energy supply. Also pollution due to fossil fuels started to become obvious and – not the least – the prospect of getting nuclear power, which was on the Government’s agenda, made many people enthusiastic about energy which did not jeopardize the safety of people and the globe.
The windmill Tvindkraft was built so large that it clearly showed that wind power could become a serious option.
In this booklet you can read several different descriptions of how this came to happen, told by just as different people to whom Tvindkraft became important.
And as it is mentioned in several of these descriptions: Tvindkraft and wind power had played and will continue to play a role we did not see coming back then, which is in what could be termed humanity’s biggest challenge in the 21. century: Global Warming and Climate Change.


Tvindkraft’s role was partly technical, as Tvindkraft became the pioneer windmill others strove to live up to and from where they got some technical solutions, which meant that wind today is the type of renewable energy which today plays the biggest role in phasing out the fossil fuels.
But perhaps most importantly is that the construction of Tvindkraft came to play a political role in the true sense of the word, as the windmill became a proof of what common people can do when we unite and fight for a common cause and rely on our own forces. It was a huge achievement the windmill team carried out when in just 2 years and 10 months they thus created industrial innovation which placed Denmark in the lead internationally within wind energy.
It was possible through enthusiasm, confidence, elbow grease, extreme care about each and every detail and solid unity. An achievement such as this one can also serve as an example to be followed in the fight to alleviate the climate changes and their effects as best we can, especially for the World’s Poor. You can read about it all in this booklet.
You can read the speeches on the program, and you can read excerpts of what was said by people who asked for the chair.
There are also songs, poems and photos from the event.