The first 40 years

Tvindkraft started producing electricity on the 26th of March 1978.
By the end of 2014 it had run 150.540 operational hours doing 116.000.000 rotations, producing 20.000.000 million kWh.
Throughout the years the windmill has proved that wind power is substantial. A windmill of this size could not be overlooked. It was built to last, which it has done. It was important to show that windmills didn’t come down a few years after the construction.


Today it is running with all original parts apart from wings and wing bearings which have been replaced. Thus Tvindkraft continues to be an encouraging example of how common people can blaze new trails through determination and unity.
It hasn’t all been plain sailing.  Many challenges have turned up, but solutions were found to make sure that Tvindkraft stayed in production.
Through the years we have done maintenance and development much in the same way as when the windmill was built: With participation of volunteers, doing the work ourselves, seeking advice and sometimes assistance from others who knew more, using recycled materials and parts, or getting new parts for free or at reduced prices whenever possible. We have enjoyed great support from many sides.
As Tvindkraft is a prototype, we have also developed and modified technical details.

These are the main events during Tvindkraft’s life:
In 1989 we changed a wing bearing.
In 1993 we replaced all 3 wings and the other 2 wing bearings.
In 1999 we painted the wings, hat and tower in Jan Utzon’s red and white pop-art design.
In 2000 we modernized the yawing and control systems.
In 2004 we replaced yet another wing bearing.
In 2015 we increased the electric capacity by adding another frequency converter to the original one. (See more elsewhere on this home page).