Speeches 40 years

Karsten FiloeThe Tvind windmill 40 years

On behalf of the Council of Holstebro I would like to congratulate the Tvind Schools with the 40 year anniversary of the Tvind windmill.
I myself is an Ulfborg boy, which means one of the natives, so to speak. I came here regularly, especially before you started the work building the windmill. I remember the first time I heard about the crazy project building the giant windmill. I say crazy because it went beyond the comprehension in Western Jutland that anyone might build something so big and never tried before by own efforts.
At Ulfborg Town Schools as it was called at the time, we cooperated with The Travelling Folk High School. The cooperation was that we wrote each other letters during the Highschool’s many travels to distant countries. Speaking realistically, I suppose that the letters we received were probably read with higher interest that our letters to them. We 4., 5. and 6. grade pupils visited hte Travelling Folk High School and got information about a coming or just completed tour. Sometimes we were collected in a bus by the nake of “The Plimsoller”, which I think did several tours to India.  It is still beyond my comprehension how they succeeded in doing such long tours, as the bus was really true to its name. I remember there being bunk beds on the bus built from unhewn boards. There was also a loose sofa, not to mention a loose stove. It was not fixed by any bolts, and it had a chimney that went out of the side of the bus. The high school students let me know that it was not in use when the bus was running, but only during cold nights along the way. The staff of the vehicle inspection hall would probably drop dead from a heart attack if today a vehicle like this one was to roll into the hall.
Other boyhood memories are the smell of woollies, lots of shoes in the house, her tea, and if I have to be honest, lots of pretty, young women.

The Tvind windmill arose over time, and immediately became a symbol not just of the Tvind Schools but also of the idea of renewable energy. Protesting against the ideas of nuclear power was not enough, no you took action and with the windmill you showed that there was another road to go. I myself have always been more red than average in this area, so I was ready to share that vision. Today, regardless of Party colour, almost everyone can see the perspectives in thinking green energy.

Today I am Chair of the Nature, Environment and Climate committee in Holstebro Municipality. Our committee is responsible for the Coincil’s windmill plans. There are already a lot of windmills in Holstebro Municipality, but during the years to come, there will be even more, or rather, the effect produced will by 4-5 times bigger with fewer but larger windmills. 2 years ago the Council agreed on a windmill plan which makes it possible to put up more than 40 large, big wind turbines in the Minicipality distributed on 10 localities. At the same time the landscape will be tidied up and old, smaller turbines will be removed. I am very proud that we have succeeded in getting all 27 members of the council vote for the windmill plan. This must be the first place in Denmark who have succeeded in this, especially with such a high number of windmills. The parties have made concessions to each other, but even though they have achieved an ambitious plan. It means a lot that we can approach the citizens and say that a united Coincil wants to do this. Since the windmill plan was agreed upon, the Council has decided to promote installation of a further two localities, Idom and Husby respectively, although no consensus was reached concerning the last two.
By agreeing on a total plan, we can install windmills where it is most favourable, considering the landscape assets which our Municipality has in abundance. At the same time, citizens and windmill entrepreneurs will know for sure where windmills will go up and where not. I myself find windmills beautiful, but understand that some people don’t agree. It is necessary for people to be able to look in certain directions and meet a horizon without windmills while we then put up many turbines in other areas.
We will reach a total production of ca. 2200 terajoule with the turbines alreadagreed upon. In addition, there will be the production from the two new windmill localities with 12-14 large 149 meter turbines that have not yet been finally agreed upon by the Council. With the projects already agreed upon, the share of renewable energy in Holstebro Municipality will be increased to about 58 %.

De 58 % is comprised by more than the electricity production from the wind. In Maabjerg the Biogas plant produces lots of co2 free energy be de-gassing the slurry from agricultural production and waste products from industri and water purification plants. This biogas is primarily fed into the natural gas pipes and dilutes the polluting, fossil natural gas. Last year we in Holstebro, being the first town in Denmark to do so, have replaced all our public town busses, which is 11, to run on pollution free biogas, and og Struer Kommuners fælles forsyningsselskab Vestforsyning producerer brint fra el, som forsyner de foreløbig 4 brintbiler kommunen og Vestforsyning har. En brinttankstation forsyner de borgere, der har brintbiler. Dette er endnu et fåtal. Vi ejer også elbiler. Transportsektoren er energisektorens sorte samvittighed. Den er kulsort med afbrænding af fossile brændstoffer. Holstebro Kommune arbejder aktivt på at Danmark går i en grønnere retning på transport området ved at bruge vindenergien som drivmiddel i el og brintbiler. Sammen med biogassen vil el og brint blive centrale i transportsektoren.

Jeg vil sidst omtale et projekt som om muligt vil få endnu større betydning, nemlig opførelsen af et bioethanolfabrik i Maabjerg ved Holstebro. Her vil man producere energi ved hjælp af halm, som i dag er et restprodukt i landbruget. Der er et færdigt projekt, som vil blive igangsat, når folketinget (engang bliver) færdige med at beslutte, at der skal iblandes 2,5 % bioethanol til diesel i Danmark. Når det besluttes, vil en stor milliard investering i Holstebro, resultere i mere end 1000 nye arbejdspladser samt ikke mindst mindre forbrug af sort forurenende energi.

Vi har brug for folk, som tør sætte nye standarder og dagsordener, som tør sætte overliggeren højere end før set. Det gjorde I på Tvind for 40 år siden med møllen på imponerende vis som amatører, og det forsøger veluddannede folk i Maabjerg i dag ved at tænke i samlede energiløsninger.

Et stort tillykke til jer fra Holstebro Kommune.”