Speeches 40 years

I would like to start with a short poem:

"Kunsten er ikke at få en idé.

Enhver kan med lethed få to.
Kunsten er mellem to eller fler’
ganske almind’lige hverdagsideer,
at se hvilken en der er go’."

"The point is not to get an idea,
anyone can no trouble find two
The point is between one or more
quite ordinary daily ideas
to see which one to follow through"

Merete Stagetorm, chair of Faellesejes Governing BoardAnd this is precisely what you have done here: Found an idea and followed it through.
There is a group present who I would like to say a little about. Because there are people behind the fact that we can sit here today, that we can contemplate not just the future, but also the past as it was.
From the couple of years where I have known the Teacher Group, I have got the impression of fantastic people who pursued the purity of the heart. They took up an idea and willed it. If I may quote Soeren Kierkegaard who said ”the purity of the heart is to be determined hjertets renhed er at ville et” then I have to say that this is what the members of the Teacher Group have done.

I have come to know hardworking, serious people, who while they have been working hard, have incredible enthusiasm to accomplish what they think is right.  Just arranging a day like this one naturally demands great efforts. But then take a look at p. 8 and forward of the small program booklet we have all received today, and then tell be where to find a workplace like this and how sophisticated it was, and imagine what strenuous work building this windmill was.
I have seen a film clips from the windmill build showing 50 people, all half undressed because it was very hot. You don’t hear them panting and snorting, but you can see it. It is amazing to place a cause like this above yourself and say now I doesn’t matter how comfortable I could be, now I have to accomplish this! You have to say that the people the Teacher Group is composed of have really learnt to do so and also chosen to do it.
That has made a big impression on me, and what has also made a big impression if the warm-heartedness the Teacher Group shows all the time. I know they don’t much fly the flag about it – and there may be many reasons for this – because they actually also should stand up and say ”it is us – it is us”, but I know they would never do it, and probably not find it a good idea if I suggested it.

But anyway, a big thanks you to you! Otherwise I am not known to big much of social rebel, but I fully realize – and I think the rest of you should, too - that had it anyone else that Tvind, who had stood behind this the biggest windmill, they would have been praised in all imaginable places, international as well as national. They had been given medals, but no, had have simply waited – perhaps waiting for society to eventually wake up and realize the necessity of what Tvind’s idea with the wind machine, waited for the windmill to be acknowledge even more that it has already been.
When I see the photos taken – the ones after page 8 in the programme booklet from today – then there is a strong resemblance to the people who built the pyramids, or it looks like the building of the Taj Mahal, and the, of course, they were slaves, but here we find people who of their own will take up what is almost slave work, but they do it with pride and freedom, and they turn up the next day and continue as it is described in your booklet, with fiber glass work, welding, wheelbarrow and concrete.

I think that here – as I am a guest, in a manner of speaking - I will not salute the Teacher Group, as I am sure they would not like it, but acknowledge the fact that in our society we have a group of people who are very important to our society, and who I am sure will continue to be so in future years. I think we shall say THANK YOU for that; it is a great pleasure!