Tvindkraft in numbers


The windmill in numbers
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The cone and the tower are made of re-inforced concrete
The cap is made from welded steel plate
The wings are fibre glass










Height of tower above ground 53 m
Wing diameter 54 m
Widest part of wings 2,1 m
Rotor swept area 2290 m2
Weight of one wing 3.2 tons
Length of Nacelle 15 m
Cap diameter 4.8 m
Maximum yield 900 kW
Maximum number of revolutions 21 rev./min.
Maximum wing speed at tips 240 km/h
Maximum pressure on tower   100 tons
Combined weight of cap and wings 110 tons
Thickness of tower walls 30-50 cm
Upper tower diameter 3 m
Lower tower diameter 5,3 m
Weight of re-inforcement steel 160 tons
Amount of concrete 675 m3
Weight of tower and cone 1620 tons
Gear: ASEA from 1958, weight approx 20 tons
Generator: ASEA 1725 kW synchronous AC, from 1954 12 tons
Main shaft: Propeller shaft from oil tanker from scrap yard in Rotterdam  
Annual yield 0,5 mio. kWh
Starting wind speed 2.5 m/sec
Windspeed for maximum production 8 m/sec
Stopping windspeed 21 m/sec (peak)
16 m/sec (average)