Global warming and climate change

Global Warming Predictions MapWe who work with Tvindkraft are acutely aware of the challenge of the 21st century: Man-made Global Warming and the following Climate Changes it is causing.
We see our work keeping the windmill running as part of the fight back against the looming catastrophe. Tvindkraft shows the way not only in a technical way by continuing to produce clean energy, but also as an example of what people can achieve when uniting around a common cause.

We also realize that the Climate Changes are irreversible already at the present point.
In 2009 scientists said that to avoid catastrophic climate changes the international community must take care to keep the amount of the greenhouse gas CO2 under 380 ppm.
In 2012 the amount was first measured to be above 400 ppm.
This level was last seen on Earth before the human race even existed.
The level is steadily climbing.
To stop the climb 80% of the fossil fuels now being used have to be cut.
To reduce CO2 levels use of fossil fuels should be reduced close to zero.
This situation places an obligation on modern people to spread knowledge and take action. It is about our survival. It is also about radically changing the present economic structures on Earth.

We realize that action is needed on several fronts:
The Climate Changes are already in full swing, hitting people in poor countries the hardest, as they live in daily dependency on nature. At the same time they are the ones that contribute the least to the problem. See


We who live in the rich part of the world are the ones who have created the problem in the first place by over-consuming energy and goods. We need to change our life style radically, cutting down our CO2 footprint to a level which can be shared by all people on earth without damaging the natural environment. With our surplus and knowhow we must point to a new future with renewable energy, cradle-to-cradle production, away from unbridled consumerism.
How to do it? Tvind Climate Center is on the way to give some answers.

Other good sources of knowledge: