Become a trainee or intern


We can provide trainees with a unique opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience by assisting us with the modernisation of the windmill’s systems.

Upon successful completion of their internship, Tvindkraft can provide interns with a recommendation letter from the windmill caretakers attesting to the skills they have gained.

Please contact us to learn more about the opportunities that are available and to discuss a training plan that works for you.

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Internship opportunities on wind turbine Tvindkraft.

Become a volunteer

Since its inception, Tvindkraft has been operated mainly by volunteers. People from many different walks of life have contributed and have been inspired by the windmill’s history and significance.

Becoming a Tvindkraft volunteer offers many opportunities, from learning about the technical aspects of the windmill, and its history, to the importance of renewable energy and climate activism.

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Internships opportunities in the wind power industry.