What is Tvindkraft?

A pioneer of wind energy and modern wind turbines worldwide

Tvind wind turbine also known as Tvindkraft is an iconic wind turbine – a pioneer and a veteran of wind energy in Tvind in Jutland, Denmark. It was the first multi-megawatt operating example that has been generating power, providing energy for the schools in Tvind since 1978.

At a height of 53m and a wing diameter of 54m, Tvindkraft stood as the tallest wind turbine, well into the 1990s. With wings sweeping an area of 2,290m2 and turning at a maximum of 21 revolutions per minute it produces an annual yield of 500,000 kilowatt-hours (KWh).

The Tvindkraft turbine had an initial capacity of 2MW and a functional capacity of 1MW.


Built “by the people for people”

The construction began on the site on 29 May 1975 with 400 volunteers helping to lay the initial groundwork for the turbine, it was not commissioned at a government level but was instead organised and financed by the teachers who were innovative towards discovering lasting solutions to the energy crisis of the early 1970s.

Tvindkraft was officially opened on 26 March 1978 and has continuously been improved with the latest technology, the Tvindkraft team of volunteers, interns, and professional partners, all seek to ensure that it meets the latest standards.

Tvindkraft will continue to be at the front line of the production of fossil-free sustainable electricity.

Tvindkraft serves as an avenue of teaching and learning, where people of different ages can get hands-on experience in the working of wind energy.