Visit us!

Visitors are welcome all year round. A free exhibition explaining the history of the windmill can be found at its base.

Guided tours are available on request; visitors will have the opportunity to meet the windmill keepers and learn more about the impact of climate change and what positive steps can be taken to mitigate their impact.

Groups are welcome and tailored visits can be arranged to suit the specific needs of each group.

A tour of the Tvind International School centre is also possible and where children from all across the world can come to learn more about the environmental challenges society is facing.

Refreshments and information booklets, books, Tvindkraft models and postcards can all be bought at the Windmill.



Becoming a Tvindkraft volunteer offers many opportunities, from learning about the technical aspects of the windmill, and its history, to the importance of renewable energy and climate activism.


Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.


We can provide trainees with a unique opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience by assisting us in the modernisation of the windmill’s systems. We also offer an internship programme.

Please contact us to learn more about what we can offer


Skorkærvej 8
6990 Ulfborg, Denmark

+45 23 29 56 73


Skorkærvej 8
6990 Ulfborg
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Available all of 2023
Broadcast 27 March 2023

Tvindkraft: The windmill that revolutionised wind power
Interview with Britta Jensen streaming on BBC World News. Link

BBC Podcast

5 – 7 May 2023
Start: Check link

"United in building utopias – solutions for a better future"
The 9th Peace Justice Conference. Link


29 May 2023
Start: To be confirmed

The construction of Tvindkraft began 48 years ago!
Open House with coffee and cake.


21 – 23 June 2023
Start: Check link

Celebrating 40 years of Folkecenter
with an international conference. Link

Folkecenter in Thy