Tvindkraft at Naturkraft

Naturkraft, located in Ringkøbing, is an event park where you can immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Denmark’s windswept west coast and learn more about the forces of nature. In June 2023, Naturkraft unveiled a riveting exhibition showcasing the rich history of modern wind power in Western Jutland.

At Naturkraft, the fascinating history of wind energy unfolds within a grand dome at the heart of the central building.  On the entrance hall’s floor, you encounter a picture of a dandelion flower releasing its airborne seeds. These seeds guide you towards an authentic Vestas V-10 turbine and onwards to the expansive dome, where two parts of the exhibition await:

  1. A mesmerising 360-degree film lasting approximately 10 minutes, illustrating the evolution of wind power in western Denmark. The dome’s interior transforms into an immersive screen, offering a breathtaking journey through time. You witness the progression from ancient windmills to modern turbines, including pioneering “windmills” like Tvindkraft.

  2. A circular exhibition area in the middle of the dome, divided into six “wedges,” resembling pieces of a pie. Each section displays captivating photos along its sides, while at its base, genuine artefacts from different kinds of windmills are showcased with explanatory texts. At the centre, there is a model of a rotating Vestas windmill.

The circular exhibition includes two sections dedicated to older wind turbines, one featuring the trailblazing Tvindkraft, which was the biggest modern wind turbine for two decades, and another section showcasing the Herborg household windmill—also a true pioneer. Other segments highlight the exploits of wind industry titan Vestas and provide glimpses into the future of wind power.

The film, created in cooperation with Tinker Imagineers, offers a poetic tour of the history and future of wind energy. You hear the sounds from the windmills, experience the motion of a turning windmill and you experience the creation of the iconic Tvindkraft, a product of visionary people power.

Sounds, songs, original drawings, photographs and video clips are deftly combined to take you into the bustling atmosphere of the Tvindkraft construction site. Then follow Vestas and beyond. The end is a wonderful vision of the future. We will not reveal it here. We wholeheartedly recommend that you go and see it for yourself!

Naturkraft’s wind turbine exhibition is not only a remarkable testament to the power of wind energy but also an emotionally stirring piece of digital artistry.

Read more about the exhibition here.


“Naturkraft” means “forces of nature” or “nature power” in Danish.

“Tvindkraft” means “Tvind power” in Danish, and is a wordplay on “wind power”.


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Songs, poetry and art

Songs, poetry and art

Tvindkraft and the whole story about the people who built it, has inspired people to write songs, poems, and to produce pieces of art of different kinds.