A visit by the Nature Now team

Nature Now team in the garden

The Nature Now team from DRH Lindersvold – The Travelling School for Change – came to visit Tvind in the autumn of 2023. We have received this report from the team about their experiences as visitors to Tvindkraft and the Tvind Climate Centre. Here goes:

We were still in the car, travelling from Lindersvold, and a few minutes before arriving, here it appeared above the woods: tall, majestic, it stood like a lighthouse towards the grey Danish sky. The Tvindkraft wind turbine: coloured red and white, luminous, which we still didn’t know was much more than a simple engineering work.

We, from the Nature Now team, were in Tvind, to visit Tvindkraft, which was the start of a windmill revolution. We were there to do an investigation into renewable energy. So, what better place than where wind energy (as we know it today) began?


About the Nature Now course

As the Nature Now team from Lindersvold, we take part in a 7-month program in which we study the relationship between Humans and Nature and how we can improve this relationship and create a sustainable society. The first 3 months are more theoretical and take place in Denmark, while the 2nd 3 months take place on an island nation in the Caribbean, St. Vincent & the Grenadines. There, we will fight the effects of Climate Change together with the Vincentians. The last month, we will be going out to give presentations to schools and organisations in Europe to share what we have learned.


Our visit to Tvind

So, when we arrived in Tvind, we were warmly welcomed. From our very first tour around Tvind, we realized that there was a different energy: there was a strong sense of community, the nature was wonderful, and the history of that place transpired everywhere.

We had the opportunity to meet several people: from teachers, to students, to volunteers, up to the people who are actively involved in managing the wind turbine. Each of them, in a different way, taught us something precious. Here some examples.

Kim: among the various activities he carries out together with other people, Kim also manages the technical parts of the wind turbine. With him we had the opportunity to discover the story behind this reality and climb to the top of the turbine: it was exciting. It is incredible how all the mechanisms are still perfectly functional since 1975, except for some necessary maintenance. And the view from up there was breathtaking: we were amazed to think what a group of ordinary people could create, remaining united with a common purpose. Kim also explained to us how the wind turbine works today: how much it produces, how much energy coverage it can provide, how it is connected to the public grid and how renewable energy trading works in Denmark.

Alan and Britta: who better than them could answer all our questions? Alan and Britta have taken care of the windmill for decennia, and even today their work is fundamental to making the wind turbine work in the best possible way. Thanks to Alan we learned further details relating to the turbine: he explained us, with precision and patience, the physical-engineering technicalities that allow it to function and illustrated to us what the main challenges are in maintaining the structure, clarifying our doubts in this regard. Britta showed us a presentation on the use of renewable energy in the world. This is a huge challenge, but she also gave many examples that showed us that a more sustainable future is possible. Their help was invaluable in helping us understand more.

Karin: with her strength and passion she takes care of the garden and the animals, together with the help of students and volunteers. We worked side by side with her in the organic garden, remaining engaged in various activities: those who planted seedlings, those who covered the ground to prevent the growth of weeds, etc… We learned that it takes patience, love and curiosity to be able to maintain and manage crops and animals in tune with natural rhythms.


So, what has Tvindkraft left us?

Visiting this reality has broadened the views of each of us: we have understood that making a difference is possible.

A different lifestyle is possible.

Changing the world is possible.

A more sustainable world for people and nature is possible.



By sticking together, networking, and creating a community linked by a shared purpose.

It doesn’t matter whether you are competent or not, just stay curious, try by doing, even fail, but don’t give up and find the solutions TOGETHER.

Only in this way is it possible to make a difference and in this, Tvindkraft has been and still is an example to follow and carry out into the world.


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When we arrived in Tvind, we were warmly welcomed. From our very first tour around Tvind, we realized that there was a different energy: there was a strong sense of community, the nature was wonderful, and the history of that place transpired everywhere.


Tvindkraft at Naturkraft

Tvindkraft at Naturkraft

Naturkraft is an event park where you can learn about the forces of nature. Here, you can find a riveting exhibition chronicling the history of modern wind power in which Tvindkraft is showcased.

European Solar Prize Winner

European Solar Prize Winner

In 2008, the schools in Tvind received the prestigious European Solar Prize in the “Education and vocational training” category for their “cutting-edge wind turbine as educational project”.

Tvindkraft’s present role

Tvindkraft’s present role

Tvindkraft's present roleWhat do our windmill keepers think about Tvindkraft, wind energy, windmills in Denmark and the environmental crisis? Britta, who has been looking after the windmill for over 20 years, was asked for her thoughts on these complex and current...

A new nacelle back-end

A new nacelle back-end

Since Tvindkraft has stood tall for almost five decades, it is always in need of repairing, revising, and rethinking. During the autumn of 2022, we got a brand new cone for the back-end of the nacelle to substitute the original, 45-year old piece.

Volunteers with a cause

Volunteers with a cause

Volunteers with a causeSpeech by Mette Bryndum  at the 40 year anniversary celebration of Tvindkraft.Translated, abbreviated & lightly edited for clarity.   During Christmas in 1974 the teachers’ group in Tvind decided to build the windmill.  It was a...

Meet Ana, tour guide

Meet Ana, tour guide

Meet Ana, tour guide  Ana is a young woman from Portugal who has been helping to care for Tvindkraft on and off for the last 5 years. She moved to Denmark five and a half years ago and has been working as a pedagogue and daily leader at PTG, a local international...